Who's that Pokemon? is one of the reasons that the old episodes of Pokemon were decent, along with The Pokemon Rap. It would show the silhouette of one of the original 151 Pokemon and ask "Who's that Pokemon?" at the beginning of a commercial break. After the break ends, it would come back, reveal the Pokemon and say, "It's *insert Pokemon name here*!" People have made many spoofs of it, some being über cool and some being not.

In other languages Edit

  • Arabic: احزروا من هذا البوكيمون!
  • Bulgarian: Кой е този Покемон?
  • Chinese: 我是誰?
  • Danish: Hvem er den Pokémon!?
  • Dutch: Wie is deze Pokémon!?
  • Finnish: Tunnetko tämän Pokémonin?
  • French: Quel est ce Pokémon?
  • Hindi: Ye Kaun Sa Pokémon Hai?
  • Portuguese:
    • European Portuguese: Quem é este Pokémon?
    • Brazilian Portuguese: Quem é esse Pokémon?
  • Russian: Это что за Покемон?
  • Spanish:
    • Iberian Spanish: ¿Cuál es este Pokémon?
    • Latin American Spanish: ¿Quién es ese Pokémon?