Weegee is a creepy, internet meme, version of Luigi. He can stare at you and turn you into one of his minions. He loves spaghetti.


Weegee formed from an odd sprite of Luigi in the DOS version of "Mario is Missing!". The name comes from the common misspronouciation of Luigi. The founder of 4chan, m00t would later say "Weegee is my favorite meme on 4chain." Weegee has gotten popular throught Youtube Poops and 4chan.[1]

Weegee in photosEdit

Weegee is inserted in many photos, where he'll scare or hurt someone, sometimes even be the head of someone! If you google search "Weegee Luigi" then you'll go "OH MY GAAAAAWD!!!" (results may vary :P)


  • Weegee can be compared to Pedobear, because they are both are put in a bunch of pictures.
    Lol wut


  • Weegee is also the name of some other dead dude. CLICKY HERE FOR MORE INFO OR CLICK HERE, IT'S A WEBSITE CALLED "WEEGEE'S WORLD"
  • When you type in "Weegee" in the games "Scribblenauts " and "Super Scribblenauts ," a plumber will appear.
  • Accordin' to Formspring, No other Mario characters know what he is
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