He's Staring into your Soul.

Wario is an evil guy from the Mario games. He has his own series of games called WarioWare. He loves donuts. He weighs 308 points but he claims it is just his clothes. Luigi saved him from falling off a cliff. He tied Luigi's shoelaces together. He sucks at cowboy since Mario beat him 1256 times. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he made an appearance as a playable character. He has the weirdest set of moves:

Waluigi is his smarter brother.

Set of movesEdit


Chomp is basicly wario being a canabal and eating people, much like Kirby and Yoshi.

Wario BikeEdit

Wario hops onto a motorcycle and cycles around. Only Wario can RIDE on it, yet other characters can quickly grab it and throw it at his fat butt.


Wario jumps up and spins around. WEEEEEEEEEEE!

Wario WaftEdit

My personal fave. Wario farts. And it makes other characters mad. Don't use it for two minutes, then kabeesh!

The gallery!Edit