Vegeta's Infamous moment.

Vegeta is the Bad guy from Dragon Ball Z and one of the few characters who ACTAULY DEVOLOPE OVER TIME .

And that is what makes him so awesome, though his Proud and Cocky Arrogant Attitude usualy gets in his way (due to his Princely status.)

He wasn't always this way though, that was until some jerk named Frieza came a blew up his planet (and killed his father King Vegeta.)


Frieza- (reason why he's bad)

Goku- Jeleous of him for being a better saiyan (SPOILER ALERT: They Become friends over time.)

Just About About Anyone Who Stands In His Way (He's the Prince, whatya expext?)


Bulma (Wife)

Trunks (Son)

Bulla (Daughter)

Goku (SPOILER ALTERT: Like a Brother to him in the End of Dragon BallZ)

Nappa- Long time Commrade (Ends Up killing him for failing to kill Goku.)


Penguin Vegeta


Some Japenese Dude- Duh, he's an Anime Character (I NO UNDERSTAND! Yay for Subtitles!)

Brian Drummoned- Famous Infamous Voice All Over the Internetz (High voice)

Chris Sabat- Main Voice (Low/Deep Voice)


"IT'S OVER 9000!" (To Nappa)

"Nappa!" (Who Do Ya Think He was Talking To?) "Do you understand?" (To Gohan.)

"I am a Super Sayain, and you can burn in HELL! (To Frieza)


  • He has no comment on Bronies.
  • Pinkie Pie Loves and Tolerates (annyoys) the the crud out of him.
  • He has Joined Forces with Kirby, due to rencent disputes with Pinkie Pie.
  • His hair is spiky. :3
  • His most infamous moment is Over 9000.
  • It was "It's over 8000!" In Japan
  • (Either way it's really OVER 8,000 -_-)
  • His voice actor also voices Captain Falcon in the Smash Bros. Games.

    Vegeta's Cousin

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