Another Version of the Troll

A "troll" is someone who posts incredibly off-topic messages in a board, loves Internet memes, and flares, or hates at random people. The art of doing this is called "trolling". Nobody likes trolls. Nobody. However, it's really fun to troll. Especialy on Omegle. They usually troll a forum or chatroom of some sort, getting some sort of sadistic amusement of it.

What trolls are believed to look like.


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Troll: *logs into the chatroom* What happened to us Sarah? Why'd you break up with me?

Sarah: ...I never had a boyfriend...

Troll: Oh, so now you're playing dumb!

Sarah: ...

Example over

Although most people don't know this, it can actually be a good thing to have a troll on your site, since that means it got so popular people want to deface it.

Trolling has also started a few other memes, such as the infamous "Troll Face", which people belive is what trolls look like, and "Troll Dad", some comics ending with a humorous punchline about the dad insulting his son.

Although trolling is generally frowned upon, trolling Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black, John Cena or Justine Bieber fans & Bronies isn't so bad...


Underground Trolling forces made a classic Soviet Song into Trolololololo.. and the rest is history

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