just to get it clear for dose dirty fans out there!

he does not like rouge romanticley... AT ALL AND ROUGE LIKES KNUCKLES BETTER.

he only loves mariah as a sister

he is believe it or not polite to girls, just gets angry with stupid insults

he is immortal and is an old man!! BASICLEY YES!!

and he is NOT emo, he just has really AWESOME fasion sence!!

he does not eat anything, but he would if he wanted to, i think???????????

shadow never kissed anyone, only in the comics he kissed someone...i think????

he is not gay, he does not even have any romantic personalities

it is posible that he can sing, just he would have a heart attack if he reached a high note

he does not blink

he does not have any fears, all though he does NOT simply apreashiate pop ups

on his spair time......................he does not have a spair time!! hhhaahaa, i don't know, laugh out loud!

if shadow married anyone or had a girlfriend, he'd be ruined and SEGA might try to change it real quick before

to much fans find out, or they'd just end him, that BETTER F************************KING NOT HAPPEN!!

and i HATE his version in the anime shows and the comics!! oh they bug me, my characters would EXACITELLY have the SAME personalities!! and i use best of my beliefs on what would happen when he and my character react.

this character is ALL rights to SEGA, one of the best companies EVAH!

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