Hence the car that wants to beat them up.

Super Scribblenauts is probably one of my fave DS games. It is just like Scribblenauts, but you can add adjectives in front of the word.

Some stuff I didEdit

  • Giant evil fire-breathing flying purple creepy toilet
  • Evil giant flaming explosive striped winged couch (IT KILLED MEH!)
  • Ugly dude
  • Fuzzy hairy evil ugly doppelganger
  • The "Secret Super Scribblenauts Adjective" (needed for a merit) is "Scribblenautic"
  • Radioactive Plutonium
  • Tiny flying speedy adamantium mech
  • Titanic rideable supersonic caffeinated jumpy fool


  • Glitch: If the player types in Dwarven Hydra, and deletes it, it will decrease the scribble bar without the player having to get rid of the items that he or she wants. Use it in moderation, because the game might lag or crash if you overuse it.