Squirrels in my Pants Edit

This is a song that was made by Randomrandom studios. THis is a song, but oringally was a funny short.


A singer who was recording a music viedo, but is constantly interupted by the squirrel in his pants.  The squirrel is crawling all around in the singer's pants, clawing and scratching in an area where the squirrel shouldn't be. The squirrel moving is around near the singer's private area, which causes the singer to do funny dances.  The squirrel starts to tickle the singer's  private area in his pants causing him a weird feeling and eventually after enough tickling in that area, the guy does a fast dance and he jizzes in his pants and the singer clapses from exhaustion.  The squirrel leaves the singer's pants and crawls around the place and then goes up a girl's jeans and does the same to her.

Actual story that actually happened to me.  I was at the park one day standing up in the grass near a tree with my girlfriend and it was a nice day.  Shortly after, I saw a squirrel in the tree near me and then I looked away and continue to talk to my girlfriend and we apoligized to each other and we hugged each other.  Suddenly I notice a weird feeling moving up my left pant leg.  I knew right there that it was that squirrel.  I tried my best to remain calm, I did but it was hard.  The squirrel worked it's way to my private area and wouldn't leave that area.  From there, it felt like the squirrel started to tickle my private area, as weird as it sounds, but it happened, and caused me to jizz my pants.  This happened in the course about 35-40 seconds.  Then the squirrel crawled out the front of my pants and crawled into the front of my girlfriends jeans, because as I said, we were hugging.  Then she started to do some weird dance and started to laugh awkwardly.  She yelled that there was a squirrel in her jeans and said that it was also tickling here in her "no-no" area and she started to jizz her in jeans, causing her to dance very quickly and awkwardly.  Then I saw the squirrel crawl down her pant leg, left her jeans and just ran off into the clear blue.  So we both got tortured in our pants.  We both had a mess in our pants from the squirrel causing both me and my girlfriend to jizz in our jeans.  Then we both laid down in the grass and this time the two squirrels came back and they both scurried up my girlfriend's jeans while she was laying in the grass.  I saw the bumps from the squirrels slowly move up her jeans again and move toward her private area AGAIN.  Only this time she didn't care that she had two squirels in her jeans and she actually enjoyed having the two squirrels in her jeans this time.  So she gets on her knees and starts making funny faces again because she's saying that both squirrels are ticking her private area again and this was going on for about 5 minutes before she started to once again jizzing in her jeans and she continued to her jizz in her jeans for about five minutes as I said.  The squirrels wouldn't get out of her jeans and I started thinking what the hell is wrong with these squirrels and especialy my girlfriend.   This picture describes how thin my girlfriend was,and these were the kind of jeans she was wearing.  She took the squirrels home with her and she drove home with squirrels running up and down in her jeans.  Other than that, IF she lived with me I would of left her there at the park with two squirrels that were sexually attracted to her, crawling around in her jeans.  Now when I go over to her house, she has the two squirrels in her jeans 24/7.  It's creepy as hell.


Singer:There is a squirrel in my pants

So i'm gonna do a dance

I don't need to sing it out

Cause dancing is what it's all about

I like to--- Ow! The squirrel is biting me! Wait! Cut the track! CUT THE TRACK!

* Runs around screaming, squirrel biting leg*

Can you please help me!!!!

* Directer helps, while paramedic gives bandades to singer*

Directer: Ok let's do this, but without the squirrel.



Singer: There is a squirrel in my pants

So i'm gonna do a dance

I don't need to sing it out

Cause dancing is what it's all about

I like to shout, i like this song,

So come everyone lets sing along!



There is a squirrel in my pants!

There is a squirrel in my pants!

Directer whispers: That's not your line!

Singer: No literally! There is one!

*Squirrel Crawls ffrom pants and jumps on head*

*Singer swoops the squirrel off his head*

Singer: At least that was'nt on viedo

Producer: Oops. It is on Youtube for worst music viedo

Singer: Put the squirrel back in my pants.


  • Singer
  • Directer
  • Squirrel
  • High waisted skinny jeans


The singer


  • It is unknown how the squirrel go into his pants

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