800px-Spam with cans

Spam (food)

Spam has three meanings, it can either be used to describe a food (as shown on the right) standing for Some Penguins Are Monsters, which is the source of the world wide known "Mystery Meat".

It could also be used to describe Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (although it's falsely believed to mean "Stupid Pointless Annoying Monkeys"), which they make sections for constantly on forums in order to keep it out of everywhere else.


Mother: Join this wiki! I'm an admin on it! Nag nag nag!

Me: Alright Toadster, I'll join, geez...

It can also be Any Blog Comment On Dis Wiki (You thought it would be an acronym, didn't you?) Any Blog Comment On Dis Wiki is spamspamspam so people can get badges. It is fully tolerated, but no spam on pages. KTHXBI!


"I SPAM to end world hunger"


"Yes, I'm doing this solely for badges. xD"

"dfghjkwjmshdgbwkjs,asdkashjwas I want badges too, ya know"



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