Poop emotions

Poop (not to be confused with Poopy) is the feces that comes out of your butt. It usally is made in the bathroom along with pee and diarrhea. When you are little and not potty-trained, you poop in a diaper. Sometimes you think you're going to poop, but it's realy a fart. When you do it it gets all over you butt, so you need to wipe with T.P. When you eat it, it's called Coprophagia.

Poopy DocumentsEdit

  1. There is a song called "Poop" By Beardo and Baddo
  2. There is an amazing childrens book called "Everyone Poops"
  3. There is an even better book called "The Truth about Poop"

See AlsoEdit


  • Poop is a funny word :D
  • It's usally brown
    • Otherwise, a very gross shade of green.
  • You can eat some foods to make it differnt colors
  • Sometimes you can see stuff you ate in your poop
  • If you recently ate corn, you can see corn in your poop
  • An easy way to see if a dictionary is reliable is check if it has the word "Poop" if it doesn't DON'T USE DAT
  • A word related to Poop is Poop Deck. Poop Deck- A deck full of poop

* poop can also be called shit

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