POCKET MONSTERZ (or Pokemon, as we Pokemon like to say) is a highly addictive video game series. It also is a card game and a TV show. The TV show is about a loser named Ash who wants to "Be the very best like no one ever was." He waltz around and ignores the whole story line of the game and makes me say "OH MY GAWD! THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE GAME! I'M GOING TO WATCH A GOOD SHOW INSTEAD!" The only reasons I didn't grab the remote were: Bill Cosby's Pokemon Rap, Who's that Pokemon?, and the fact that the old episodes were actually DECENT! The game involves
I choose you!

The most popular Pokemon, Pikachu, in it's natural habitat

catchpering poor woodland creatures and cramming the into a red and white, tiny,
Picture 2

My straters in SoulSilver and White

smelly, crowded ball. Pokemon are the only thing that are immune to Macororoninomachoitus. The newest game is Pokemon: Black and Pokemon White. Black and White are awesome, and require no focus at all. People say that the pluarl of "Pokemon" IS "Pokemon" But THEY ARE WRONG! IT'S "POKEMONS!"

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