Nincompoop the Otter is the main character of the Nincompoop series. He was born on January 29 by two squirrels in a tree. Nincompoop is the wierdest otter you've ever seen. His catchphrase is "Derp". His best friend is Jemaro the Giraffe.

Nincompoop is not allowed in most public places, mostly due to his habits of striking oil during candlelight dinners. And just showing up makes computers fail. This is because his extremely small brain sends off radioactive waves that either damage or scar people's brain.


Rodent S. Mouse has expressed serious hatred towards Nincompoop, giving him a negative ∞ out of 5 in the ratings. Nincompoop is completely ignorant of this fact, and just enjoys being near Rodent in general.

For one reason or another, some female human has a ridiculously large softness for Nincompoop. (I think her name was Lily or something.) Nincompoop is 102% ignorant of this fact, and just goes on with everyday life. (I have lost faith in the human race.) When he met her, she had a heart attack and then Nincompoop wet himself. He called her pretty and her heart failed. (She's OK now.)

Pig the Dog is Nincompoop's rival (or at least Pig thinks that). The radioactive waves from Nincompoop's brain are 1337% more effective on Pig, so he likes to stay back.

He was created by Sir Roberto Kacalski and co-creator Jackson Steinbroner (AKA AlgebraicBoy), creator of Titan the Cat.



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