Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (more like Miley VIRUS amirite?) was born in the depths of Hell one day. Upon seeing her, the Devil gasped in shock. He could tell right then and there that Miley was, somehow, even eviler to him, so in an attempt to kill her, he made her go to Earth, in a suicide mission. Through bribary, decipt, and monkeys she managed to become a hit singer, and surprisingly some people liked her music. She became rich and famous, much to Lucifer's dislike. He sent slaves after her to try and kill her, but alas, upon seeing her they turned to stone, and were no more. To this day she is still a hit singer, and is attacked virtually every day by Satan's new slaves and her many haters. She had to go under cover to save her soul, so she bought a wig and turned into Hannah Montana. But when the producers found out it was her, the show was ended.

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