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Macororoninomachoitus is a dangerous illness caused by Turdity, LAVA FARTZ, and listining to Justin Bieber. It can only be cured by going to KFC and ask for Diet Coke, then pour it in the Toilet. Then you say the words "Macha roni pickle powny igno Richu catch 'em all!" Then you flush the toilet and the come back out and sleep for 346543.7 seconds. Then you go on and search Macororoninomachoitus and see this is the only website with it then find out THAT I WAS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH! I LIED! THIS IS A FAKE DISEASE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAH

Pokemon are immune to it though. :3 (temporarily.)

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  • Justin Bieber causes the disease because she stinks at singing