Luigi (aka THE WORLD'S BEST NINTENDO CHARACTER!) is an awesomely awesome Mario character.


Luigi is an awesomely skinny and awesomely short guy who wears awesome blue overalls and an awesome green shirt. He has an awesome green hat with a L on it He has brown, short hair. He has an awesome mustache made of pure awesomeness and no other facial hair. He has big blue awesome eyes.


Luigi is awesome in personality. 'Nuff said.


He appeared in all awesome Mario games.


  • He has phasmophobia, which is awesome!
  • He saved Wario's life, which is awesome!
  • HE IS AWESOOOOME, which is awesome!
  • There is a creepy version of him, which is awesome!
  • He owns an awesome mansion, which is awesome!
  • Daisy is his girlfriend, which is awesome!
  • He enjoys hanging out in small groups, which is awesome!
  • He loves the color green, which is awesome!
  • He's in all three super smash bros games, which is awesome!
    • You have to unlock him in all 3, which is NOT AWESOME!
  • His taunt makes a "CRK" sound in brawl, which is awesome!

Did I forget to mension....Edit

That he is awesome?

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