Twilight evolves into a rapidash

This is what happens when you Interrupt a brony in the middle of an episode.

So I was just like Ooo.. Ponies! And then a random potato said, "I Declare WAR!" I was like "What? So I sez to this guy, "We need a plan," and the guy was like, BOOM!

THe PlanEdit

Me: Alright Men

Pinkie: but I'm a Girl.

Me: Uhhhhh... (awkward silence.)

Me: Uh were we, Oh yes. So we need a plan. Hulk do you have one?


Me: Vegeta how about you?

Vegeta: It's OVER 9000!

Me: Pinkie?


Me: Uhhhh...

Pinkie: Oooo...What does this button do?

Me: No don't touch tha-


Mission LogEdit

I'm Flying!

I Belive I can Fly!

Ooo Poo!


Stupid poo!

Wait a minute. I can kill it, KILL IT WITH POO! thumb|300px|right|Can YOU Survive? thumb|300px|right|This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis. thumb|300px|right|This is what happens when you watch to much anime.

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