HeartGold SoulSilver Will

Will, a creepy Elite Four member.

Gym Leaders are a motley bunch of losers in the Pokemon series. Some of the female ones are hot. Also, there are sub-categories, such as the Elite 4 and the Champion. The only good one out side of Kanto is Crasher Wake. He is a fat dude with water Pokemon. He is psycho.

Kanto Gym LeadersEdit

  • Brock is Rock-type. He is also a main character in the Pokemon TV show. His eyes are always closed, and he is obsessed with girls.
  • Misty is Water-type. She was a main character for the first few seasons. She is a ginger.
  • Lt. Surge is an Electric-type. He is some sort of Military guy.
  • Erika is a Grass-type. She has only girls in her gym, meaning she is sexist. She is also a hippie.
  • Sabrina is a Psychic-type. She is creepy and hot.
  • Koga is a Poison-type. He is some grown man who thinks he's a ninja, and hops around like an idiot.
  • Blaine is a Fire-type. He's a creepy old man who has sunglasses and a fedora and cane.
  • Giovanni is a Ground-type. He is Team Rocket's boss, who Meowth refers to as "da Bawss." In most Kanto Games, he is the final Gym leader.
  • In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Blue replaces Giovanni. NOTE: Blue is NOT Gary Oak.

Johto Gym LeadersEdit

  • Falkner is Flying-type. He's a n00b.
  • Bugsy is Bug-type. Their hair makes people wonder if they're a boy or girl.
  • Whitney is Normal-type. She's young but hot. Her Miltank is probably on steroids.
  • Morty is Ghost-type. He's not that interesting.
  • Chuck is Fighting-type. He's probably a martial arts teacher, nobody knows. Oh, and his mustache makes him look like a pedo.
  • Jasmine is Steel-type. She won't battle you until you heal a Pokémon for her. And then she beats the crap out of you.
  • Pryce is Ice-type, and a grumpy old man. He's also part of Team Rocket. OH NOEZ
  • Clair is Dragon-type. I don't know anything about her because Jasmine is a piece of work...


  • Roxane is Rock-type.
  • Brawly is fighting-type. He is stupid.
  • Wattson is Eletric-tpye. He is an old guy.
  • I dont know the name of her is Fire-type. She's hot.
  • Norman. He's a normal guy.