This table is a list of Goanimate characters.

Caillou is a 4 year old boy, star of the kids show of the same name. Due to circumstances beyond his control or any others, Caillou is always getting into trouble and getting grounded by his parents, Boris and Doris. They are irredeemably evil. Caillou has a 2 year old sister, Rosie, and a 9 year old brother, Daillou.

Dora is from the TV show Dora the Explorer. Her parents are Miguel and Veena. They are typical Mexicans who can't seem to gather that it's all about materialism these days. Trump will sort people like them out.

Jack Paul is a demon from the lowest pits of Hell. He is bent on afflicting mankind any way he can. Avoid him at all costs.

Macusoper Busters is awesome. His father Diesel hates him because of that and is always grounding him and giving him punishment days.

Warren Cook makes fake VHS openings.

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