Derpy Hooves

This is Derpy.

Derpy is the goofy inspiring background pony From MLP FiM. She somehow created a meme do to a group known as "Bronies."

She stars in many fanfic stories by these "Bronies." It is even rumored that there are more fanfics about her than there are My Little Pony episodes.

In fact, without these "bronies" she would have no name.

Hasbro removed her. Hasbro is now generating hate, as she was a fan favorite.


  • She created the Muffin Meme.
  • She once had an affair with Darwin. He bribed her with muffins.
    Derpy Hooves - (happy) muffin00:02

    Derpy Hooves - (happy) muffin


  • She was a fan favorite.
  • Do to the stupidity of removing her, Hasbro has a lot of hate coming it's way.

The only backround pony that was liked and removed.

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