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Cookie Monster is probably the most epic Muppet ever made, next to Elmo and Kermit, (this itself is debatable.) He is known for saying "OM NOM NOM" when he eats, and his constant eating. He says the "media always blows things out of proportion". He said that after someone asked him about the rumor that he was going to turn into Veggie Monster. The rumor is obviously false, because the Veggie Monster is his evil cousin. He also is a singer. His hit single is "C is for cookie, and cookie is for me!" He is 11,965.78 times better than J BIEBS and Miley combined. Do the math. Oh and he eats a lot of cookies.

The mathEdit

(J Beibs + Miley) x 11,965.78 = Cookie Monster


  • He is blue. :3
  • He has googly eyes, which might mean he lost control of them.
  • He is not familier with veggies (LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE)
  • When Justin Bieber hits puberty, his voice will sound like Cookie Monster's when he's drunk.
  • Cookie monster will be the new Chuck norris, only funnier
    • he joined the pen 15 club, but his friend still called it Pen 15
    • Cookie monster is not blue, blue is cookie monster
    • Cookie monster went to jupiter twice.
    • Cookie monster took an arrow to the knee but was still a soldier
    • Cookie monster never joined the army, the army joined cookie monster
    • Cookie monster wasn't in the show, the show was in cookie monster.
    • Cookie monster went on This website without mozilla and the browser never shook.
    • Cookie monster never dies because of old age, old age dies because of cookie monster
    • Cookie monster can hold is breath for 20 years
    • Cookie monster can't eat ice cream because it always melts in fear
  • Cookie monster is the second greatest blue fat guy, with the first being Snorlax and the third being Sushi cat