The Broken Glass Song is a song sung by Robbie in the show Victorious. When they are coming up with ideas for songs, Robbie keeps coming up with variations of the broken glass song.


"Its fun to run

It's fun to play

It's fun to make things out of clay

It's fun to fill your car with gas

It's fun to breeeeeeak

Things made of glaaaaaaaaass.

Oh, broken glass can cut your hand

and then you'll bleed across the land-"

Then he got interupted by Tori who said "We're not doing that!"

Variation 1Edit

"Oh broken glass is not a food

So don't you listen to some dude who says

Put cheese on broken glass

and make a sand-a-wich

out of broken glaaaaaaaaaaaass."

Variation 2Edit

"How 'bout a song

about broken glass

I'll help you write it after class

There is no song that can surpass

This song we siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

about broken glaaaaaaaaaaass.

Harmonica Solo!

(Starts playing the harmonica)"