FLIGHT ATENDENT: Hallo, welcome to the land of OOJNMSCJ, please take you seat. Noaw, lick your eyeballs. Good. Noaw here is a Pikachu. Go be the very best like no one ever was.

*1 day later*

MUGGER: Gimmie all yer money!¡!

ASH: heyy dawg u lookk soo fermilller leik i no u ffro ssomwer.

MUGGER: Uhhh... No you don't.

ASH: ya ur dat chikk wh0 leikz potatozz


ASH: ya u mad a koool wiki.

MUGGER *Steals Pikachu*

SALESMAN: Hey! What's wrong?

ASH: teh p0ttoogurlz stoll mah pikachuu

SALESMAN: Why not buy a new one!

ASH: but itz nott teh sam



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